Project name change

Hi all! Ada MMO will now be named "Tempus Deorum".   

Tempus Deorum translates to "Time of the gods".  As much as I love the former name, I think this one is more expressive and better embodies the theme of the game.

Ada RPG announced!

Hi all!  I've started a new project named Ada RPG, a chat bot based rpg game.  It will be developed alongside Ada MMO.

Ada RPG will be a chat bot on Twitch and later I'll also make it available for Discord.  For latest news or if you'd like to beta test this bot in your channel, let me know!

This bot will be fully customizable from Google Sheets for trusted partners.  I'm having a lot of fun learning how to make it using Typescript and Node.js.

New Website!

I've completed migrating the studio website to a new host (mainly to save money!). 

I'll be updating this section as I have announcements or news regarding Ada MMO development and studio news. 

For the very latest info come join us in the Fuzzy Code Studio Discord

For now please enjoy some cat cannons and a gate opening and closing satisfyingly.