StarGem Defense

A tower defense built using Java.
Android and PC downloads are below.

(*requires Java 1.8+)

Older versions here.

Game Instructions:

Goal: Defend the Star Babies using gem towers!

Every round you dig up 5 gems, and choose one of them to keep.  The picked gem will attack enemies.

The gems not picked turn into rocks which the enemies have to move around.  

Create a twisting maze for the enemies to follow.  They must visit each of the 4 mine carts in order.  Use this to your advantage. 

Note: If you mess up don't worry.  Click the re-pick button (*once per round max)

Note: The last gem you picked may be moved around by dragging it. Rocks may also be removed.

50 level time lapse Example below:


Two gems of the same type and color may be combined.  Two red tier 1 gems combine into a tier 2 red gem.  (Pictured above).

You may also combine 4 gems of the same type / color.  

Special Gem Towers

Special Gem Tower Recipes

Combine 3 gems to create a special type of new gem tower.

Example: Above I combine a tier 1 red, blue, and white gem into a Shard of Shiva which has powerful frost attacks

Tip: Tap a gem tower to see its abilities.  There's buff auras, fields, status effects and more.

  See the full gem recipes listed to the left.

Chance Level & Gold

As you defeat enemies you gain gold.  Spend this gold to upgrade your chance level.  Or use it to cast spells.

Spells are powerful and may be cast by clicking the spell icon (mobile) or clicking the star babies (PC).

Increase your chance to dig up higher tier gems by buying chance level upgrades. 

Misc/Icon Reference:

Top Left: Chancel Level Percents & Score

Bottom Left: Pause game, Speed Control

Top Right: Remaining Life, Level (Difficulty), Gold

Right: Gem Recipes

Bottom Right: Pick / Cast Spell / Menu

Thanks for playing!  This was my first game and I had a lot of fun making it.